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Dragonwood: A free introduction to wood carving .

This site created in 2002
To help you create your own Dragon sculpture's
And to help nurture your interest in woodcarving.
Okay !! and so I can show off.

A very warm welcome to you all.
You are here I hope because you would like to carve your own Oriental Dragon

If not then you have arrived at the wrong place, PLEASE do not run off, stay and have a look around you may have just discovered a new hobby.

Although this site is for those of you who wish to carve Oriental Dragons the tips / hints and techniques used can be put to any type of wood carving or wood sculpture.

The types of Dragons that we shall cover are
mainly Chinese and Japanese Dragons
From the simple to the complex I will even show you how to carve a free form Dragon wood sculpture ( no plans or drawings just carve )


That depends on you, you do not need to spend out on a lot of expensive tools and timber to start carving, you can start with a craft type knife set or a pocket knife if you like you can even use a power carver.
One thing you can be sure of though is that you will not have to pay to complete one of my projects or pay to move on up to the next level of difficulty.

You can help me build this site into a useful
reference tool.
So please

Tell me what you need to know.
If you have any questions please ask.
If you have any carving tips they are welcome .
If you have any photo's of Oriental Dragon sculptures
please send them to me
If you have any designs for Oriental Dragons that you would like to share Lets see them
If you know of an easier way to do something!??
Get the idea ??


What do I mean by FREE
Free means for personal use only, you do not have permission to use any thing on this site for profit or business use, commercial or other wise.
so the
Free wood carving lessons
Free carving designs due to abuse no longer available
Free carving tips
Free wood carving information
are only free for personal use I retain the copyright to all my work

The Information
I aim to give information on wood carving suitable for the absolute beginner to the confident wood carver and in doing so provide a no nonsense informative site. How ever I do not intend to hold your hand you will be expected to learn to think for your self.

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A little wisdom goes a long way.

It is not a sign of weakness to ask for advice.
Nor is it a crime to be uninformed.
But it is unforgiveable to choose

SO !
If you need me to add more detail or explanations on the carving lesson pages then I will, if you need more information on any lesson e-mail me so that I know what changes to make.


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